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I like shooting & editing my own photos for use on my websites so, it seemed logical to try my hand at building a photo blog as an extension of my work.

Photography channels me into a position of almost exclusively relying on visual/emotive symbolism to convey meaning.  I like that.  Mostly, I just like to piddle around with angles, color, light.

I’m also using this photo blog to showcase some of the jewelry I make.  Interested?  Take a look at some of the jewelry I’ve made here.

All images are protected under copyright law.

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Go ahead, just give attribution with a hyperlink to this or any one of my other websites here:



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  1. Daniel Hjarne says:

    Nice pictures. Impressing work. From where do you get the energy to be so productive?

    I was actually looking for information or symbolic meanings that could help me to get in contact with my mom, who passed away just recently. She was very intuitive and a reader who helped lots of people looking for answers about their own lives. Your homepage with tarot card meanings was a nice help to me. Thanks.

    • Avia says:

      Daniel, my sincere empathy to you as you move through your mom’s transition. Thanks for your kindness, and I’m honored TarotTeachings.com served as a positive source on your journey. May all our mother’s keep influencing us far beyond what we acknowledge. Oh, and what you see as energy is perhaps, more accurately, compulsion. My muses are taskmasters, and it seems they have me driven to experiment and test the edges. Thankfully, the realms of symbolism (including visual realms as offered in photography) have no limit.
      Bright beams.

  2. I thank you very much for the detail information about the different totem animals. I needed some guidance in regards to a few animal messages I was receiving. Thank you for the answers. I appreciate it.
    Juana Maria

  3. Wendi says:

    I love how you see things and I am amazed at how you are able to convey your sense of wonder at the world to us through your camera. I see that you give permission for us to use your work provided we give an attribution for one of your sites. But do you sell prints of your work, and if so, how much?

  4. Avia says:

    Hi Wendi! I was just telling a friend of mine that I’m SO not a “compliment hound” – but golly it feels so good to know these views contribute to inspiration and wonder! Thanks so much for the kind worlds about my photos. Gee…I hadn’t thought about offering prints for sale. I don’t have any prints for sale at this time, but your message makes me want to take this under consideration. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment and interest!

  5. Sherry says:

    Hi. I’m just discovering your sites and love the quality and content of them. I was thinking about my cats, Zoe and Suki, and got the urge to put symbolic cat in the search window. That lead me to a blog of yours about what cats represent, and I explored from there. This particular site is lovely for the eyes. I look forward to seeing and reading more. Thanks and Namaste.

  6. Bridget says:

    Your photography is BEAUTIFUL!!! Amazing how it relates so thoroughly to the post I included you in on my blog! http://gaiagranules.blogspot.com/2010/12/i-love-nature.html With your permission, I would love to update it with some of the beautiful pictures you’ve taken too.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    “Awaiting Release”

    This photo has brought tears to my eyes.

  8. LJ says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful images and for sharing your information on animal symbolism. I go to it frequently as a resource.

  9. Diana says:

    I love your photographic eye for close-detail – reminds me of some Georgia O’Keefe paintings – how’s that for a compliment!
    I’ve just discovered your symbology website and am wowed-out! It is so thorough and detailed (there’s that awesome quality again) and extremely interesting. Thanks for all your effort in sharing with the world your knowledge and research.
    Much appreciated, Diana

  10. partis en exploration sur la croix celtique je suis tombé dans la toile de connaissances de la venefica plutot incroyable toutes ces connaissances et leurs interpretations fabuleu travail sur nos origines de barbare evolué dans un relationnel soude a l’esprit de la nature mére des mére tous celas bafoué aujourd’hui par une dégénerescence humaine avilis par une sociéte composée d’animaux de consomation dégénéré amoindri et affaiblis par le confort et le syndrome de babel babylone
    salut a toi

  11. Avia says:

    Thanks to LJ, Diana and Guerrier for your kindness and comments. Brightest of bright to each of you! :)

  12. sandy says:

    I was just listening to a chant and something(spirit) told me to visit these pictures and since I’m not outside, your pictures brought earth’s life to me. This experience is relaxing and reaches deep parts of my soul. Thank you for these connections you are sharing.

  13. Brunie Feliciano says:

    ..these images possess great presence….your vision is sharp and sensitive, expansive and intimate, am particularly drawn to moon and sun shots and yours are extraordinary…..I sense in all these a complete, beautiful world.

    • Avia says:

      Thanks Brunie! So kind of you to say! Adore the arts for their ability to complete our worlds, and add beauty in even the most unlikely places. Blessings!

  14. Rob Marchment says:

    Hi Avia,

    I’m on holiday here in the deep south of Italy, in a region rich in really ancient history. Last night I dreamed of bears – and I knew just where to learn more about their symbolism… Your links led me to this site and I shall delve deeply into all your work once I return to the UK.

    For holiday reading I have a book called ‘Over Nine Waves’ – a re-telling of Irish mythology. so it was a real joy to read your pages of Celtic symbolism – now it all begins to fit together1

    Thank you for being there,

    • Avia says:

      Hi Rob,
      outstanding! Rock on! So glad the website served as a value on your path. Will be sure to add “Over Nine Waves” on my “to read” list! Thanks for the tip and the kind comment!

  15. Suzanne says:

    Hope you too will join the Pachamama Alliance.
    Your work bespeaks its essence
    Together we are transforming our home, planet Earth.
    Dr Suzanne Joy

  16. Steve says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and the gift of your insight! I found this site through your website on Tarot. You have created such beauty around yourself and this is something I admire and strive to create in all areas of my life.



  17. El Bridge says:

    Blessings, Avia! I have always looked to your pages on symbolism for help decoding those special visits from our forest friends. When I saw you had a photography blog I was so excited and it even exceeded my expectations! I see that back in 2010 someone inquired about purchasing prints of your work. You replied that you hadn’t considered it. I’m hoping that a year later you might have some method in place, as I would be honored to display your work in my home. When I saw “Oratio” my heart absolutely melted. It speaks so profoundly of the Mother spirit. The words I heard when seeing it were, “The pray-er is the prayer and the answer unto” and I just wish so fervently it could be the first thing I see upon waking and last thing I see before sleep! I also looked all around for a way to share “Cracked” on a friend’s Facebook page, as it looks so much like the fire opal in her engagement ring! However, I couldn’t find it individually, only as a part of the slideshows. If you would consider parting with a print please contact me by the email address provided. Thank you so much for freely sharing your beautiful work with the world!

  18. Lacey says:

    Hi Avia!
    I love your photography, your pictures are beautiful. I also think it is really cool that you have them sorted by elemental significance.
    Photography is also one of my favorite hobbies.

    The first website of yours that I found was What’s Your Sign, which has become a favorite of mine for looking up dream symbols and the like. Symbolism is so interesting. I’m just learning to read tarot cards, I’ll have to go check out your tarot site as well. :-)

    Thanks for being awesome!


  19. Nuar Hegrat says:

    Wow.. So happy to have stumbled upon your site! :)
    (I was doing a google search on spiral/circle symbolism.. One of my many random intregues.)
    Love your pictures too.. (And your policy re:sharing & attribution.)
    I enjoy taking pictures too.. But only do it as a hobby. – Mostly flowers/nature, birds, ‘things’ (such as buildings, structures, perspectives of landscape, etc.) that I find beautiful or poignant.
    Gonna continue on checking out your blogs/sites/etc now.. Jst wanted to give ya a shout out.
    Hope things are well w/ you in your world.. Cheers! ~N

  20. Nuar Hegrat says:

    Wow.. So happy to have stumbled upon your site!
    (I was doing a google search on spiral/circle symbolism.. One of my many random intregues.)
    Love your pictures too.. (And your policy re:sharing & attribution.)
    I enjoy taking pictures too.. But only do it as a hobby. – Mostly flowers/nature, sunrises/sunsets/clouds/moon/sky in general, birds, ‘things’ (such as buildings, structures, perspectives of landscape, etc.) that I find beautiful or poignant. – You can check out alot of them in my FaceBook albums.
    Gonna continue on checking out your blogs/sites/etc now.. Jst wanted to give ya a shout out. :)
    Hope things are well w/ you in your world.. Cheers! ~N

  21. Elle says:

    Hi Avia:

    In my search of meaning for the symbols on my path, I came to your site. I have loved the amazing knowledge and insite I have gained. Thank you for helping to open the door to knowledge for me. I wish you continued success on your path.


  22. Joey says:

    Hello Avia, just wanted to say I love the photos, I happened to check out the link from the whats-your-sign website, and I’m glad I did. Your work is a constant source of reference for me, and has helped me immensely in my own research on Celtic lore and symbolism. Thanks for allowing your muses to drive you, you never know who your results are going to inspire!

  23. Leah says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your beautiful art and your insights and wisdom on the tarot. I stumbled upon your website looking for “symbolic meaning of chestnuts” and found myself happily chasing down this rich rabbit hole – appropriate for Easter Sunday – finding so many treasures!! Thanks for sharing your many gifts with “us’ – I am enriched in my journey. Thank you!

    • Avia says:

      Hi Leah! (lovely name…that’s my mom’s name too) :) Thank you so much for your kind comment. You made my day. So glad to hear the website(s) are offering a value on your path. Be well, stay blessed. A.

  24. Marie says:

    Hi Avia! I love your pictures. They are truly magnificent. I stumbled along your site while trying to find out symbolism of a butterfly as someone i knew passed away this week and his funeral is wednesday and i had taken a picture of a butterfly on flowers and he always liked my pictures so i thought i would write something on his card with my picture on the front. I am interestsed on how to start up a site like the one you have and would like to learn how to take pictures even better and sell them. someone said in one of these writings that you had a photography blog or something….can’t remember….where can i find that….as i said i am new to this site and do not know much about it…but what i have is seen is so touching and meaningful…the pictures are along the same way i take my pics..i would like the opportunity to talk with you personally..or through skype and do not know how to reach you….you are an inspiration to me…at the moment i am on disbility and every moment i get out there on the better days i take as many pics as i can….and is what puts me in the present moment….i step outside and everything is beautiful in my eye…everything is a picture in my eye….something created in this universe by a higher power…you are an excellent artist…these would be great pictures for you to sell. I look at them in awe… I am thankful i found your site…i appreciate your work….You are an amazing person…and have found your purpose in this world.

  25. Jessica Sage says:

    Whew!! What an amazing journey your photographs have taken me on! Delightful….. I, too, ‘stumbled’ on your site while looking for symbolisms. I’ve been encountering the word “Robin” 3 times in 3 days so I decided to give it further thought. Don’t cha just LOVE “signs”?!

    Thx so much for sharing your beautiful gifts.

  26. The One says:


    You are truly enchanting. You have such a gifted eye for beauty. I believe the images here only scratch the surface of your inner soul…

  27. Terry says:

    Hi, Avia!
    I also stumbled on your website looking for insight into the Native American symbolism for Wolf. I’m making a quilt for my 14-year-old grandson who is deeply connected to anything “wolfish”. Your description fits his personality to a “T”!

    I kept reading on coyote since they are related. Amazing…I am not a morning person but (not many days ago) the morning my second grandson was born I woke early and went outside with my coffee. What did I see? Not one but three coyotes! The lone one didn’t look at me but each of the pair, in turn, looked my way and then continued on. You can imagine how surprised I was to learn that coyotes signify beginnings/endings.

    Today I know the meaning of the three: The lone coyote stands for my first grandson, separated by years from any other grandchildren. The second coyote stands for the one born that day and the third stands for a third grandchild……just last night I learned of yet another grandchild coming in 7 months!

    Thank you for all your wonderful pictures and wisdom!

  28. Sarah Murphy says:

    I LOVE your work!! I am trying to build a website and if you are interested, I would be honored to post whichever photos you would like. It is free webspace…but I am really new at building websites so it is taking me a really long time to get things posted. So, if you have a bit of patience, I would truly love to include your work. Your photography is just spectacular!! the colors, the animals, plants, rocks, everything is just spectacular! Feel free to find me on facebook too! You can check out my stuff first to see if you are interested. But…initially, no work will be sold from my website…It is free space only, preferably creative commons with proper attribution. Should someone wish to purchase one of your pieces they can contact you directly or go through your website…but for now, I post your work for free and I ask that you be willing to share your beauty with the world. :-)

    • Avia says:

      Hi Sarah, please feel free to use whatever you wish from this site. All I ask is a link back to this, or any of my other websites. Thanks very much, and bright blessings to you.

  29. Life is a celebration
    Your images are a celebration of life
    You are celebrating each moment of that life
    Lovely gorgeous great stuff my dream…
    Your photos have reinforced endorsed my decision on pursuing photogrpahy I am delighted to have started it.
    May I use some of your photos for my works…
    please see my website http://www.customisedinc.com
    We can discuss this further if you like.

  30. Dawn says:

    Wow, I am really impressed by ALL the work you
    do, (have done) with all of your sites! Amazing. Thanks so much for all of it. I appreciate it very much.

    Many Blessings,

  31. Nadia A says:

    The pictures are GORGEOUS. I have been frequenting your other websites on symbolism for a while now. So my question to you is, why don’t you write a book? I think your interpretations on animal totems (for me at least) are more potent than many of the popular books out there on the matter. And you’ve obviously nailed the photo thing.

  32. Louisa Joles says:

    Avia, you capture the spirit of each thing you photograph.

  33. NovemberSky says:

    Very inspiring photographic work Avia, keep it up! I also love http://www.bythecanonviewfinder.blogspot.com nice work, the same kind as yours. Yeyyyy way to go Avia!!!

  34. Wim says:

    Hi Avia,

    Your website on Alchemy has been very informative to figure out the impact of subtle energies on our well-being.
    I am preparing a presentation on Vegetarian Cooking and the symbolism of the Sun / Gold has been useful.
    The pictures are well chosen and highlight the element in a refreshing way. Congratulation.
    Is it OK to use some of your text and images in a Powerpoint?

    • Avia says:

      Hi Wim, be my guest to use what you need. Please site the source (this or my other websites). Thank you for your kind comments and interest. Best of luck with your presentation.

  35. Isabel says:

    Thanks Avia for all the Beauty. I love how you look for the silver lining in all you write about Tarot. Am I right to see ACIM in your background? Gratefully, I.

    • Avia says:

      Hi Isabel, thanks for the comment. I haven’t delved into A Course in Miracles, but I admire the work each time it has crossed my path.

  36. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your life through photography (and knowledge). You always bring to my heart inspiration ~

  37. Hi,
    Your photography is softly captivating..I very much like your focus on construction and subtle allegory. If I may also take the moment to say, I am wonderfully inspired by your ‘giving’. I am a 62 yo married man with a young family. My wife is a yoga teacher and I am (these days) an art worker.
    We are Australian/Irish and have spent time living and visiting many places overseas and in our own countries. Just a brief background.
    Not very long past I discovered my own roots are also connected to Australian iIndigenous heritage. The realisation stirred deeper, the need to understand the enigma. There was already a considerable amount of awakened direction, but this revelation brought another layer to the ethos. In particular, that, which has led me to your site. There have been some extraordinary jolts in my life lately and I have felt I have needed more than the tools and resources available. In looking into your site, I have been able to find a beneficial clarity that the universe has lovingly provided to assist with what can only be called accent to the movements of the journey. I have realised the middle for sometime and have now found further, there so much more to learn by the expression of deeper faith and understanding. So, once more I offer my humble thanks for the window to this passage in life.
    Kind Regards

    • Avia says:

      Thanks so much Denis! I’m so glad to know the websites have offered a value on your path. May your journey always be enriched and blessed! ~Avia

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