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  1. This photography should be in National Geographic and/or a leading news-stand magazine!

    Yes, it should!

    Posted by: ASK:
    7-1-2010 – 2:33 PM CST

  2. gilly Jaxson says:

    Thank you!!
    Breathless. Gilly xx

  3. Miranda says:

    I found your animal symbolism website while looking for a symbolic interpretation for flies…I have this dang giant housefly looking thing that’s been following me around for a few days..I usually associate flies with demonic entities, but that just doesn’t feel true at all.

    Anyway, I absolutely LOVE your work! These photographs are amazing. You are an inspiration on so many levels. Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge and your querencia with the world. :)
    Happy day,

  4. Raven says:

    I came across your animal symbolism website in my search on information for a particular spirit animal. It’s only recently that I started thinking about spirit animals but looking back it seems that Ravens have been following me around for quite a long time. It has often been in the names I used for myself in, for example, video games when I was younger and then for a character I was going to write a story about and who eventually simply became the name I used in all my online accounts and the like. But even before Snow-Raven, I had other characters or names that had Raven appearing in it. I could go on but that was not the point of this.

    Given how long the name raven seems to have been following me around and my recent appeal for ravens in my first nations jewlery I’m coming to think that raven has attached itself to me as a spirit guide at the very least if it isn’t my life long guide. I was wondering if there is a way to confirm this. I know meditation can work but I’m afraid I will see what I want to see. I have a very active mind, I am an aspiring writer and can easily slip into a kind of creative semi-trance if I am thinking deeply enough about something. Is there another way outside of meditation (which I fear might yield false results) that could help me confirm what I already am fairly certain of?

    Also, maybe I have already had it confirmed. When I was first unsure and starting to doubt my own mind I glanced over at a friend who had a sketch book and saw while she was flipping through it, quite unexpectedly, a sketch of a raven. Still this could easily be coincidence…XD I’m sorry to bother you with all this I know you can’t confirm it for me I am just hoping that you might give me idea what the next best step might be. Thanks very much for your time.


    PS: I’m sorry I used a psudonym. I don’t like to give out my real name on open pages even if it’s just my first. :)

  5. Rhea says:

    It would be great if you could add ambient music in the background.

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